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MLIA Grant Information

The Montana Land Information Act (MLIA) stipulates that the Montana State Library, with advice from the MLIAC Grant Review Subcommittee, will annually administer a grant process to distribute accumulated funds from the Montana Land Information Account, which was established by MLIA. Grant applications are evaluated under the MLIAC Grant Subcommittee Code of Ethics. Grant criteria are established based on the original intent of the MLIA and the goals and objectives from the annual Montana Land Information Plan.

Submitted Grant Applications

FY2018 Grant Application Package: 

Past Successful Grant Application Samples

2013 Grant Application Webinar: YouTube - Although this webinar was recorded in 2013, applicants may find it valuable for writing a MLIA grant. Keep in mind that the Montana Land Plan priorities and the MLIA grant scoring criteria have changed since then. Please consult the current Montana Land Information Plan and MLIA Grant Application for the most current information.  This webinar was hosted by the Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals.

Annual Grant Process Timeline

Grant criteria/application published January 15
Grant application received by the MSL deadline before 5:00pm MST February 15 
Grant application revision deadline March 1
Grant applications ranked by MSL/MLIAC Grant Subcommittee by May 1
Grants applications prioritized by MSL/MLIAC Grant Subcommittee by May 15
Start of grant year July 1 
Quarterly status reports as contractually negotiated
Close of grant year June 30
Final project and closing financial report 45 days after close of grant