Mapping Control


Mapping Control consists of monumented points and coordinate positions referenced to the National Spatial Reference System which serve as the spatial reference framework for the alignment of almost all spatial data and for other mapping purposes. Mapping Control data for Montana is stored in the Montana Control Point Database (MCPD) a database of coordinate points that enable accuracy enhancement for other vertically aligned datasets.


Control Points are submitted to the MCPD via the MCPD Data Submission Spreadsheet




An ArcGIS Online Web Map is available where the database points can be viewed. The public may use this site to search for and download survey and/or mapping control points.


The Montana Control Point Database supports accurate horizontal and vertical placement of all other layers, particularly Cadastral (by improving horizontal locations), Hypsography (by providing accurate elevations from Height Modernization), Land Cover, Orthoimagery, Soils and Wetlands from a combined campaign to acquire LIDAR data or other Remote Sensing data collected with accurate positions and elevations provided by Height Modernization.