Ordering Aerial Photos

If you require aerial photos in TIFF format, you may send us a portable storage device and we will copy the data to it and return it to you.  Please include a message saying which image collection(s) you want data for and describing the region you need the images to cover.

If you do not require the entire state, you may click on the collection name in the table below to download a shapefile that shows the areas covered by each image.  Select the polygons for the images you need and send them to us, along with a storage device large enough to hold them, based on the typical image size.

Please remember to check the true capacity of the device you send us.  A two-terabyte device might not be large enough to hold 1800 Gb of data.

We may return your portable device to you via the U.S. Post Office or FedEx. Please include return postage with your device or arrange to pay FedEx for us to return it. Please note that the Post Office requires our PO Box address while FedEx requires our street address, which is now handled through the State Print and Mail physical address.

Please consider using our web services or compressed MrSID images rather than obtaining these large image collections.

Collection Image Count Typical Image Size (Mb) Total Size (Gb) Tile Type Coordinate System

NAIP 2019 4-band




Quarter Quad UTM NAD83

NAIP 2017 4-band




Quarter Quad UTM NAD83
NAIP 2015 4-band 10,888 163 1730 Quarter Quad UTM NAD83
NAIP 2013 4-band 11,776 163 1870 Quarter Quad UTM NAD83
NAIP 2011 4-band 6,030 367 2160 5 mile square State Plane NAD83 HARN
NAIP 2009 4-band 11,793 160 1840 Quarter Quad UTM NAD83
NAIP 2005 Natural Color 11,703 125 1430 Quarter Quad UTM NAD83
NAIP 2005/2006 Color Infrared 3,977 286 1110 10 km square State Plane NAD83

NAIP is the National Agricultural Imagery Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.