MSL – USDA NRCS Data Development and Sharing Partnership
Imagery and Elevation

National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP)

This data set contains digital ortho-imagery from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) for the state of Montana. Data for 2017 is 60 cm resolution, 2015-2016 is one meter resolution. Collected in 4-bands, natural color and infra-red.

Elevation Data

The 10 meter National Elevation Data (NED) is currently the only available statewide elevation data for Montana. Ten meter NED rasters, slope rasters, classified slope rasters for rangeland planning, and 40 foot contour data for Montana NRCS areas can be downloaded here.


High resolution elevation data can be derived from LiDAR which has been collected for limited portions of Montana. The State Elevation Working Group is actively engaged in supporting the USGS 3DEP program and coordinating the acquisition of statewide LiDAR.