MSL – USDA NRCS Data Development and Sharing Partnership
Environmental Characterization

Ecological Site Reviewer

The Ecological Site Reviewer (ESR) is an ArcGIS online web map application that has incorporated biophysical data such as elevation, slopes, aspect, soils, frost-free days, ecological sites, and classified vegetation into an online map that can be used for navigating to locations of interest and quickly assessing key ecological attributes.

HUC Environment

For each of the 101 Subbasins (8-digit Hydrologic Units) in Montana a suite of environmental data has been subset and is provided in a geodatabase available for download.

Classified Multispectral Imagery

Multispectral satellite imagery from Landsat 8 has been classified using a statistically based algorithm which assesses the brightness, greenness and wetness associated with each 30 meter pixel and classifies the distribution of associated classes within Montana watersheds. This information can be useful for evaluating the types, amounts and condition of vegetation and land surface features.

  • Under Development