MSL – USDA NRCS Data Development and Sharing Partnership
Climate and Water Supply

NRCS Climate and Water Supply

Monthly data summaries of quality-controlled snowpack, snow water equivalent, surface water supply indices and stream flow forecasts developed by the Montana NRCS Snow Survey & Water Supply Forecasting Program.

Montana Relative Effective Annual Precipitation (REAP)

The Montana REAP data represents a 30-year precipitation data period sensitized to the landscape according to slope and aspect, then calibrated by soil scientists to known vegetation breaks on the landscape based on imagery, field experience, and published SSURGO/NASIS soils data.

Frost Free Days

This raster data can be used as a tool to determine growing season and suitability for certain crops. The data represent the spatial distribution of the number of days in which the daily minimum temperature is greater than 32 degrees Fahrenheit based on a 5 in 10 year probability.

Soil Temperature Regimes

This raster data can be used to determine the distribution of cryic and frigid soil temperature regimes.  Data description.

Download a geodatabase that contains the statewide frost free days raster, REAP raster, and soil temperature raster