Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI)

The Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure is made up of fifteen “framework” geographic databases vital for making maps of Montana and understanding its geography. Seven of the databases are federally defined framework datasets and the other eight were selected as additional framework layers by the Montana Land Information Advisory Council (MLIAC).

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Data Access Steward/Lead
Administrative Boundaries * MSL/Meghan Burns
Cadastral * MSL/Michael Fashoway
Climate University of Montana/Mike Sweet
Elevation * vacant
Geographic Names MSL/Erin Fashoway
Geology Bureau of Mines & Geology/Paul Thale
Hydrography * MSL/Troy Blandford
Hydrologic Units NRCS/Catherine Maynard
Land Use/Land Cover MT NHP/Linda Vance
Mapping Control * MSL/Bob Holliday
Orthoimagery * MSL/Evan Hammer and Erin Fashoway
Soils NRCS/Catherine Maynard
Structures and Addresses* MSL/Michael Fashoway
Transportation * MSL/Michael Fashoway 
Wetlands MT NHP/Jamul Hahn and DEQ/Steve Carpenedo

 * Layers marked with asterisks are defined as Framework themes in the National Spatial Data Infrastructure by the Federal Geographic Data Committee.