Data and Documentation

Ownership mapThe Cadastral parcel database stores information about public and private land ownership in Montana. The Cadastral data is provided for each Montana county in two different data formats: a personal geodatabase (version 9.3 and 10) and shape file. Metadata is provided for the data in XML format. The Montana Department of Revenue’s (DOR) Orion CAMA data is provided for each county in a Microsoft 2008 SQL Express Database. The Cadastral Parcel Database documentation provides a schema diagram for the DOR’s Orion CAMA database and a Data Dictionary of CAMA attributes found in the Cadastral records.

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Montana Cadastral Web Service

REST endpoint for the cadastral parcel ArcGIS Server mapping web service.


The Montana Cadastral online mapping application allows the public to view the cadastral data and provides a basic research tool to find information about public and private property in Montana.

Montana Cadastral Web Application


The following three datasets either directly support, or are derived from, the Montana Cadastral:

Cadastral data is the information about rights and interest in land. The data may also be known as real estate data, parcel information, or tax parcel information. The Montana Cadastral Framework data consists of tax parcels defined by the Montana Department of Revenue and built primarily upon CadNSDI Montana – a digital representation of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) created from survey records and mapping control information. The Cadastral Framework may also be vertically integrated with other CadNSDI-based sources of data such as Public Lands, Conservation Easements, Administrative Boundaries (county and state boundaries, fire districts, etc.) and Montana State Trust Lands. ESRI recognized Montana as the first state in the nation to create a GIS-based statewide Cadastral database.